Peter Stokman

Business Lead Clinical Data Reporting & Visualization Environment - Bayer

Peter's Session

[September 8, 2022]
10:30 AM EST
Theme: Panel: RBQM Diversification: tSDV, tSDR, Dynamic Site Monitoring Strategies

About Peter:


Wide experience in drug development in Europe and the US, in Regulatory Affairs, Project Management and Clinical Development, at Organon, Schering-Plough, MSD and Bayer. Leadership roles in Clinical Data Management since 2003.

Joined Bayer in 2017 as Business Lead for the clinical data reporting and review environment, focusing on the development and implementation of indicator dashboards on compliance, performance, data quality, risks, and tolerance limits. These dashboards – using classical statistical approaches as well as advanced analytics methods – support Risk-Based Quality Management across clinical development.

Peter has been serving the Clinical Data Management community in leadership roles via the DIA, INCDMA and the SCDM. Currently member of the SCDM Board of Trustees and chair of the SCDM EMEA Steering Committee. He is chair of a local geological society and an amateur beekeeper.