RBQM 2021 On-Demand
Day One Sessions
Day Two Sessions
Powered by the Pandemic – How Pharma Has Succeeded and How It Will Continue to Embrace Operational Changes Facilitated by COVID-19
with Ken Getz, Professor, Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development.
The Evolution from RBM to RBQM – How Far Have Risk-Based Approaches Come in 10 Years and Where Do We Go Next?
with Jonathan Rowe, Head of R&D Quality and Risk Management, ZS Associates.
Critical Processes, Critical Data and Critical Thinking. An RBQM Implementation Journey
with Nick May, Global Risk-Based Monitoring Strategic Lead, Parexel.
The Application of RBQM to Rare Disease and Small Trials
with Jacqueline Gough, Director, Central Monitoring, Alexion Pharmaceuticals.
Panel Discussion
RBQM Best Practice Defined by Leading Industry Working Groups
with Nicole Stansbury, Syneos, Steve Young, CluePoints, Linda Sullivan, MCC, and, Ann Meeker O'Connell, Vertex Pharmaceuticals.
The Future of Clinical Trials is Now
with Sy Pretorius, President, Clinical Development and Chief Medical Officer, Parexel.
Paving the Way for Centralized Monitoring Success at Pfizer
with Lynne Cesario, Global Risk-Based Monitoring Program Lead, Pfizer.
Panel Discussion
Applying the Principles of RBQM to Data Management
with Steve Young, Chief Scientific Officer, CluePoints, and Patrick Nadolny, Global Head, Clinical Data Management, Sanofi.
2030: An RBQM Odyssey - RBQM in Clinical Trials of the Future
Lukasz Bojarski, Head of Centralized Monitoring, AstraZeneca.
Panel Discussion
Has RBQM Lived up to TransCelerate's Expectations? Ask the Experts!
with Brett Wilson, Pfizer, Jacqueline Gough, Alexion, Stephanie Clark, Janssen, Mary Arnould, Astellas, and Esther Huffman-O'Keefe, Regeneron.